Great Pyramids of Giza

Written by: Carrie Richards

The pyramids have made me ponder
Sprouting tall in sands of timeless plunder
They raise the palms, of either hand
Among the eighth, of wonderlands
I'll hold a constellation of small conclusions
While coming forth with wise solutions
The Sphinx, she taunts me,  with ancient riddles
Of mere coincidence, or majestic plan
The likeness climbs the vulnerable mind
Comparisons of any kind
Rival all of Mother Nature

To look about the infrastructure
If it fails to quiet me with sure decision
What my eyes acknowledge
Must bear no burden of proof
It is simply there, exempt from time
No moorings hold it to past or future
Overlooking River Nile
I smile and ponder why and how
There is delight in the wonder of obscurity
A purity in never knowing
A culture keen in keeping mystery

For PD's Contest: Epic Mysterious