Young society

Written by: jamie anderson

My boyfriends getting high im 
watching him kill his mind
Jonny is snorting lines he's 
lying in the corner 
contemplating suicide
Becky is drowning her sorrows 
from the bottom of the bottle

Wouldn't it be great if we could 
go back 
To sidewalk lanes and play 
ground games
But now we are etching things 
in our skin
Starving ourselves thin
Using drugs and booze to hide 
all this pain

No longer do we reach out for 
Or beg you to listen
Instead we get high in someone 
else's kitchen
We will dye our hair paint our 
nails and eyes black 
Giving small clues that scream 
look at me 

Our families they do wonder 
Why our moods they always 
change our eyes always glisten 
Jessica hasn't eaten in 3 days 
she's hoping they won't notice
But her head is dizzy she just 
might faint before she looks 
The flashy princess models

Some moments we are those 
happy children again 
Paper lunch bags and swing 
sets And laying in our parents 
Finally letting them listen

But not for long because even 
though we are young we have 
inner demons too listen to us 
before our hearts they just 
might stop.