In the middle of time is nowhere,
In that realm, I stagnate there.
A rest stop between deserted crossroads,
Landscape weathered scenery erodes.

A collective mind creates residual sands,
Remnants sieve through cradled hands,
Sometimes the nightmares take hold,
Phobias manifest as fears unfold.

Repetition in ambitions and a lost cause,
Counting all my demons and flaws.
Each path to travel an option,
A neon sign flickers, proceed with caution.

A vacancy, in a psychiatric motel,
A dripping faucet, my hell.
The gas-gauge languishes on E,
Evaporating like my sanity

Dreams crumble to silt,
Destroying best laid guilt.
Life is the hourglass,
Time manifolds surpass

A grain, each moment I live,
Finding it so difficult to forgive.
Nowhere, whispers my name,
A raven mocks, “Nevermore sane.”

Knocking from in the hourglass,
Lost reminiscence, of a past.
Soon the hourglass will shatter,
And existence will no longer matter.