Maple Syrup

Written by: Rick Zablocki

Most Canadian boys
Love to play with big toys
If they really had their druthers
They'd want Syrup
Out of
Mother Cow's 

Maple Syrup on bacon
Ready for the takin'
Maple Syrup on ham
Try it on spam
Get's my taste buds flowing
On my skin it's glowing

I am a fanatic
For Maple Syrup
On haddock
In my coffee
On my toffee
Let's all try
Maple Syrup
On pecan pie

Maple Syrup
In chicken soup
The rooster flew
The coop
Maple Syrup on Flapjacks
The ducks love it
Hear the quacks
Maple Syrup
On asperagus
We can eat it 
With no fuss

Maple Syrup 
The smell of it
My all time fave
Dab a little on your face
Girls go wild

© 2013 Rick Zablocki