An Evening by the Sea

Written by: Lynn Glover

An Evening by the Sea

I saw the sun drop into the sea,
That beautiful sunset is now history.
The stars filled the sky and began to wink,
The heat from this day is now gone in a blink.

A breeze is blowing in off the Atlantic,
The scene has now become very romantic.
The moon has risen with its golden ray,
I can see it shining brightly out over the bay.

The waves are crawling in upon the sand,
Now the shoreline must make its stand.
Hold back the invasion of the ocean,
There will be no interruption of its forward motion.

The sea gulls were screaming with delight,
They now have disappeared with the coming of night.
Come morning their screams will be heard loud and clear,
With the enticement of food you can bring them near.

I have spent my evening by the sea,
I have watched the wonders that mean so much to me.
God has made this all for our pleasure,
Spend an evening by the sea, enjoy God’s treasure.

©2010 Lynn B. G