Limerick: Once a Toro loved by a Matador

Written by: T Wignesan

Limerick : Once a Toro loved by a Matador

Once a Toro* loved by a Matador*
Maimed between shoulders by Picador*
Matador garrocha*
Picador muchacha*
Picador cornudo* Matador.

*Toro : bull raised for fighting in arenas (rings)
*Matador : « matador de toros », bullfighter ; usually
               the head « torero », title obtained after the
               « alternativa », ceremony honoring the torero
               or « novillero », the apprentice bullfighter
*Picador : the well-protected assistant to the matador
                on horseback who wounds the toro between
                 the shoulders in order to cause the bull to hang
                 its head 
*garrocha/garrochar : (to use) the long lance with a metallic 
                 harpoon-like head , wielded by the Picador 
*muchacha : Spanish for girl or « daughter » as in this case
*cornudo : cuckolded (husband gored)

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013