Black and White Days

Written by: femi joey oloidi

At three years old; 
we freely hid from tree to tree, 
and sneaked through under table to 
with snow smiles, filled with smells of 
present, and a rainbow heart of 
innocence, blinded with mountains of 
curiosity and fountains of supreme 

Clowning and crowning was fully 
But frowning and crying was full 
suppressed and disallowed.

Dreams were monochrome,
while responsibility was asleep.
Ambition was a joke, 
while play was a gift of shift without 
a fight.
Eze went to school with thorn school 
uniform, without a pen, book and 
school sandals, but still graduated 
with flying laughter.

Tortoise could not trick the snail, 
because they both live in a shell. 
But it tricked the lion, by drowning 
into its shell.
Kisses were meaningless, but still 
served has the eyes of salvation. 
While wildness was sweetness. 
Danger was headless, 
while envy had shortness of breath.

Ada and Obi's affectionate touches; 
never stole away virginity.

Sooner they departed into growth 
and found themselves in the paths of 
And Ada could no longer tell; if Obi is 
still a boy. Because her trust has 
and she wonders, why did their eyes 
met again in the rainbow lane of 

But she can't doubt God, the 
Almighty master designer of 
Because he has immortalized the 
and has wisely joined Obi and Ada 
solely together, till eternity sleeps.  

-Oloidi, Oluwafemi

*keep winning!*