why impoverish us

Written by: Omotehinse Eyitayo Kemisola lizzy

Heaven and earth you promised
On your knees you pleaded
you selfish ingrate, Bastard on your
 father's land
Our help you sought for 
All for your ruminating stomach
Our votes you asked for
to quench your political thirst
Tell me, you myopic being
Tell me! what wrong we've done you 
Have you suddenly turn dumb,
dear politician?
conscience you've not?
Our votes you received
your steeping stones to power
Why impoverish us?
our rights you suck deep
National cake you enjoy
your promises you neglect
The poor you strangle impoverishly
the rich you discomfort
You sycophantically deceive us
Why impoverish your people?
Why impoverish your your father's land?
Why betray your source?
Dear politician, why faminise us economically?