Remember Me My Lady

Written by: Michael Ainsley

Remember me my lady                                                                                                                  Of better days without pathetic ties                                                                                                And smile should  you think of me                                                                                                            Beneath your English skies                                                                                                           Oh laugh my brown eyed Lady                                                                                                              Oh laugh sweet brother man                                                                                                                No tears on gentle faces now to soil natures plan                                                                               Our days are surely numbered                                                                                                     Though love be deep and true                                                                                                                                            Let sorrow find no slumber here                                                                                                                                              Within the heart of you                                                                                                                  But laugh my brown eyed  mistress                                                                                               Yes laugh sweet brother man                                                                                                                                           Let joy be sure to cure                                                                                                                            The soul that understands