what you dont believe will kill you

Written by: Carl Fraser

I am the scary man,
The one your mother warned you about,
The one hiding under your bed at night,
The one with no conscience
The man who will steal your child
The one who will make them suffer
The one who will break in while you sleep,
The man who disregards the value of
A beating heart,
The one with the bomb strapped to him
Ready to kill in the name of God,
The one ready to abort your unborn child
The one with the gun in your childs classroom
You may have seen my deeds on tv
But you havent really seen me
But you believe the lie i put before you,
For i am no man
I am the great deciever
I have come to steal, kill, and destroy,
I am your daily enemy,
I am Satan,
And you havent seen anything yet.