Oso, the One-eyed Wino

Written by: gary thomas

Oso the One-eyed Wino

By Gary L Thomas

...has a doubly unique perspective on this
Flat world. The depth that passes as distance
From an objective makes him subject to
Prevarications, half-truths and subtle innuendos
And makes him the lone wolf of the bear-den.
Burdened with this yoke and joke of butts his one
Eye tears more than any other.
Being a-lone visionary and trusting not
The paths that other men may take
He beats a path to the burning bush
To gain the insight of all the ages and
Finds that kisses really are a better fate than wisdom
And a bear's-hug is superior to brilliance of thought...
And beast-sex is better than the honey-laced love of Poets.