Complicated Complication

Written by: Victor Alexander


The complicated complication is so serious; I know you are curious!
 This is so interesting it can’t be found tedious
Solomon is wise; the fool says he is a nerd
Wisdom is not relevant; let’s feed it to the bird
Oh! This is ridiculous; the pawn slaps the king a checkmate
This secret is confidential let thy mouth not menstruate.

Slept in silent homage to the creatures of the night
Oh! This is a mosquito bite but nobody gives a fight
Death got its own life on the edge holds the cliff tight
Sister is biased; she fell out with her childhood clique
To her, mother told friends are not just meant to pick
It hurts when it comes to pride; she left in a fit of pique.

Could it be the poor are so rich to call the rich complete destitute?
It’s so funny; he seeks to make a virgin out of a prostitute
The future is born; put the past in the glass casket 
The tank is full; put the rest of the water in the basket
It’s absurd; the eagle can’t see clearly in such a panic
Could it be God and his angels are on a trip to hell for a picnic?
What else can be complicated than this complication?