The Colonel

Written by: Heather Ober

A citizen so upstanding
In a lovely house on a quiet street
With a specialty so demanding
See his winning smile, watch his thriving fleet
Admirable and commanding
He incites their faith and invites their trust 
With credentials so outstanding
He reveals no rage and conceals his lust
Sinister and disgusting
He lures them in with his cunning grin
Innocent and so trusting
They let him in without sign or hint

Demented and perverted
He ties them up and has his way
Exploited and subverted
They lie there crushed on sick display 

Psychotic and sadistic
He wears a mask, a double life
Before he goes ballistic
And takes their lives, high on their strife

But now he rots in prison
Trapped in his thoughts and a padded cell. 
The mighty colonel has fallen
And he'll fall once more when he lands in hell.

*Based on true and horrifying events