Glorious Love Never Ends for All Eternity

Written by: Grace Martin

Forever to be
Love is growing within thee
Never let go of Love
God gives Glorious Love
Restoring your soul
For as long as you live

Even when time 
Life here is gone…
You go to whom
You belong…

One whom you can trust
One whom loves you for you
One whom gave His Life
And risen… 
just for me and you

Giving us all a chance
Now.. to become able to live again
Born-again set free
as God planned for us all to be

You're not just to be born 
one time here on earth
then you're gone...
Where are you gonna live???

In God's Divine Holy Word (Bible)
Jesus stated 
“You Must become Born-again”
Only through Him (Jesus)
Whosoever Beleives...
Can become Eternally Reborn 
For All Eternity…

~Where are You going to Live.. When your life here is gone???~

Come to Jesus
Obtain Eternal life
Live Forever in Eternity…