My Poetry

Written by: Donna Jones

Most famous poets works don't rhyme
They speak of good and evil - wrong from right
About all good things in their time
Of long ago and far from sight

I can't understand their thinking though
I like to write of things I know
Like daily things, the sky above
And about all the people that I love

And I'm all about this rhyming thing
Why not let your words just sing
Write them down, give them a chance
To make your tongue want to dance

Now I realize a great one I'll never be
Written down somewhere in history
But I believe inside you and me
Lives inside all of us, a little poetry

If you don't believe this, just open your door
The wind blows - birds sing and so much more
Turn off the noise and the world behold
Like ours, its poetry fits no mold

┬ęDonna Jones