Homage to Johnny Bench

Written by: Deborah Burch

Homage to Johnny Bench

The greatest catcher ever was
With one hand  'hind his back
Was Johnny Bench. Yep, that's the buzz. 
And never did he slack. 

He broke ole Yogi's home run hits. 
"The Little Colonel"'s claim:
Three hundred eighty-nine and gets
The Baseball Hall of Fame. 

His Cincinnati Reds they won
Four pennants in the League
And twice the Series! OK.'s son
Had baseball under siege   

He had big hands and he could hold
In one hand seven balls
But more than this, he speaks, I'm told
At charities and malls;

Awards for college athletes;
He writes and sings on pitch. 
While teamwork makes a job complete,
A dream made Johnny Bench.