Glorious Unconditional Love

Written by: Grace Martin

God's Love is Unconditional Love
It Comes From Above
Walk in his ways, Before You Leave each day

Stop and Pray, 
May Holy Spirit guide You in Your Walk,
and give You Peace, Patients and Mercy
Show others You care, 

Offer to share
Go out of Your way
Help each other everyday
Stop, Think and be a Friend

Do Gods Command
That's to Love one another
Sister and Brother walk Hand & Hand
Help each other out, with-out a Doubt

Love is a Choice, even with Your Voice,
If You Complain, You will remain the same,
So, Let's Rephrase our ways
Let's Begin to Praise

Remember Edify Each Other, Everyday
Love is the Key
For Victory over Everything 

{Follow Jesus Christ}