Written by: thelast don

Though we all were taken by his helpful and happy smile,

said he came from a creature that seem so  cold  and vile,

Something about this fellow that made me look away,

there was a presence in his passing that bring dark to the day,

So full we are of this expectant hope,

through the walking of his shadows is how we all will cope,

I saw something chilling and it lingered in his eyes,

Then we seen that traces of fear that ran across the skies

this is a time in my life I rather not believe,

as days grown a fever in disbelief in his wisdom that may and shalll deceive

as his light will drop you to your knees,

a plague so fearless to shrivel up the trees,

I know he is mine to only wonder, if his love I shall keep,

for this day has come to choose if we only give in to his sleep.