Bird Watching

Written by: Terrell Martin

I watched a fragile bird today 
painted black and white and gray
Prancing all about me 
as if to dance and play.

He hopped around the grassy grounds
in hopes of breakfast beetles 
To give him strength to fly again
in search of nesting twigs and needles.

Not being an ornithologists or bird watcher
by science or trade
I did not know the name of him
though still hear the sounds he made.

In those moments there before us 
when time stood up on end
And for a while did make me smile
and feel like me again. 

For reasons I still don't understand 
how he captured my attention...
gazing on this feathered friend
Taking me to another dimension. 

'til he struck gold right down below green  
and came up with a trinket he prized 
Of food for a day and words I can't say
Of this wonder that took to the skies.