Difficulty Isn't Impossibility

Written by: Funom Makama

How steep is the slope in front of you that you see it practically impossible to climb? How wide is this Ocean which seem insane to cross over? Brace up, put your mind together and just imagine the snow falls in June and Flowers grow black petals. Imagine Togo experiences Winter and Red + Yellow gives white. Imagine a huge Maize Tree and a tuber of fresh green Apples. Imagine Pigs with long wings and a flock of Goats happily swimming. Imagine standing under the rain and not getting wet Imagine hair grows on the palm and a Cow walking on its Horn Imagine February having 31 days and December, just 28. Imagine cartoon characters becoming real and rolling 13 in two 6-sided dice. Imagine the birth of a fluent German speaking Newborn to an Arab Mum after just 10 weeks of gestation. And a 100km bridge, built with rubber Imagine an innocent virgin becoming pregnant with Triplets. who created the new lives through the internet. Imagine a Man, getting younger with age and the cat and mouse peacefully coexisting. Imagine fire, drying out water when they meet and pepper becoming sweet while glucose becoming bitter. Imagine the scent of a perfume smelling from a picture and a Chest X-ray photo showing the intent of the Heart. Imagine the best newscaster as a bad stammerer and the fastest runner without Limbs. Imagine the blind from birth who's able to differentiate between Colours and a retrograde existence where Life starts after Death. Imagine a Dog as the Master and man as its pet or a Camel, passing through the eye of a needle. Though impossible, all can be pictured in the mind which is the starting point of actualizing all forms of reality. Since 'never' never exists and St. Never's day isn't imaginable your huddle then becomes a mere challenge and in no time, you'll be at the top of the cliff as you look down, smile and say "Difficulty isn't impossibility"