Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop


                                      He lives alone in perfect peace

                                      The order of a scientific mind

                                      She follows birds from tree to tree

                                      Delighting in the wonders she will find

                                       His elegance is schedules that are ruled by time

                                       There is a club for every day and every thing

                                       Her mind darts endlessly in search of perfect rhyme
                                       And hums the melody she soon will sing

                                       He likes a life without a reckless change

                                       All of his world is labeled and well kept

                                       She yearns to write and thinks the world's a stage

                                       And often looks as if she has not slept.

                                      Who knows what kindles romance-- desire

                                       Just why a glimmery smile will catch the eye?

                                      Who dares ignite the match to make a fire

                                      Defying schedules and refuse to say goodby?

Victoria Anderson-Throop