ABC's of LIFE for contest

Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

                             ABC'S OF LIFE

A is for the anger that makes a fool of me
B is for the best foot forward for my friends to see

C  is for the cuddling that makes me warm at night
D is for dishonesty that hides from all that’s right

E is for the envy that keeps away my sleep
F is for the foolishness that often makes me weep

G is for the gutsy way that wins a heart to love
H is for the hugs of joy that have nothing more to prove

I is for illogical the need to fly first class
J is for the jitters when  a hearse goes buzzing past

K is for the kindness that should be shared with all
L is for the love voice that we answer when it calls

M is for the misery all must share and overcome
N is for the nonsense to be acting like a bum

O is for the outrage when the budget’s incomplete
P is for the pleasure in a smile when strangers meet

Q is for the quiet  to be shared  in twilight hours
R is for the reason of sweet smells in flowery bowers

S is for the silly way kids loook when faking asleep
T is for the terror that kids feel if grown-ups weep

U is for the uselessness of toys when friends are gone
V is for the valor that can easily forgive small wrongs

W is for the wallowing in pity that wastes time
X is an x ray of a book without a rhyme

Y is for the yearning that hides in secret eyes
Z is for the zany reasons that moms cry.  

Please read--small one-- this dedication to the joy of life
To celebrate the hours of bliss that rise above world's strife

Victoria Anderson-Throop  2013
Valdez, Alaska