Counting Down

Written by: Timothy Hicks

Twenty-six letters in the alphabet:
Vowels and consonants be soldiers to defend my message

I'm like a twenty-five cent coin rolling on a parking lot;
destined for the machine or the storm drain?

Twenty-fours in a day, but all I need is a minute
to grab your attention

Twenty-three is unlucky so they say (I pet my black cat
under a ladder so that doesn't bother me)

Twenty-two or two times eleven? I got this thing about math, you see
Numbers and figures mean way too much to me....

Twenty-one is a golden age... a time to crash (literally or
figuratively?... pay close attention!)

Twenty fingers and toes... help me keep balance...
in fact I'm using them all as we speak

Nineteen-or-older shops surround this path I'm on
I look left and right, but keep moving forward

Eighteen, can you believe it? Still not there yet
but I heard it's a memorable turning point in life (most likely just another day)

seventeen syllables
capturing moments
in so few words

(perhaps that wasn't my best haiku,
however you made it this far... right?)

Sixteen or two to the fourth power? I long to multiply,
but I'm still stuck at one...

Fifteen for a moment (according to John Ondrasik)
It's only just begun, so let's have some fun!

Fourteen lines in a traditional sonnet
Sorry William, that I couldn't keep on it

Thirteen be the year I watch the thriller 2012
(and laugh hysterically)

Twelve months and a dozen broken eggs later...
yeah maybe farm ain't for me

Eleven thousand poems I could write
As well as a eleven millions wrongs committed by the end of the night

Ten Commandments I abide by
(Bull crap... I still have a hankering for lies)

Nine or three to the second power?
(Guess I'm more and more OCD by the hour)

Eight is just fine with me... it's the month I was born on
and I haven't regretted it since

Seven days in a week...
(why should we choose only one to worship the Lord?)

Six billion hamsters in a cage (we run like the wind
but still keep in place)

I could give a high five as a gesture to cheer up
(but it's always back to the doom and gloom with you)

Four limbs and each one aim for the shackles and heavy chains
(I thought slavery was over?)

Three things: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost...
(what more do you need to know?)

My brain is cut in two, I'm on my knees screaming

But one thing I know for certain
is that I got YOU

NOTE: Lines 13 & 18 seem a little contradicting, but I did write this before before 2013 and before my 18th birthday.