No Looking Back, M'lady

Written by: Reason A. Poteet

No looking back, m'lady.
to the long days spent in that garden. 
No looking back 
on the labors of love --	
watering and pruning and waiting.
You remember the vibrant smell
of un-cut lilacs on the bush.

You are no longer a lady in waiting.
For he has chosen you to
replace his first love.
Wearing now her fine clothes
which you helped fashion
into their loveliness.
Do not be ill-at-ease.

Recalling how often on your knees
you polished this very same floor
to perfection.
Be reminded of your new task.
Your new calling - you must make of him
the man he never was, the man he can be.
No looking back, m'lady.

by Reason A. Poteet