Stroke-out in a rant

Written by: verlecia fields

i do the dance of circumstance  
my brain react to a simple Mercenaries attack 
red, leaky, small vain, and poison pains 
what great planing
makes me see that 
there's no hope for me
and the suns of no shining  

 old man from the hood, stopped me 
and said 
"you'll, never get back your property 
so, taken back by how much the 
hood new about me and the people 
who where sealing from me 
so i gave the hell-up
and never say a word 
because who would believe
me over theses whit (with) money

bigger than i can see 

i am so 
Synonyms: ignorant, not informed, not knowing, oblivious, unbriefed, uneducated, unenlightened, uninformed, uninstructed, unschooled 

about the real crimes of the world 
and wonder why my education didn't inform me, as to how too 
get my rights...  

maybe that's the way its will always be...