A Cook's Bounty

Written by: Deb Wilson

A is for anchovies,salty little fishes.
B is for blueberries in muffins and sweet dishes.
C is for cabbage,so good for making slaw.
D is for dragonfruit,you can eat it raw.
E is for eggplant,as parmegan delights.
F is for fritters,deep fried apple bites.
G is for gazpacho,chilled soup from Spain.
H is for honey,so good for throat pain.
I is for Indian foods like spicy curry.
J is for jello,simple desserts in a hurry.
K is for kiwi from the land of the sleeping dragon.
L is for lemon to keep digestive juices from lagging.
M is for mushrooms,shitake and morels.
N is for noodles such as macaroni shells.
O is for onions,yellow and sweet white.
P is for peppers,an Italian delight.
Q is for Quiche,an egg dish so mellow.
R is for raspberries,often used in jello.
S is for shrimp,darlings of the sea.
T is for tomato, a fruit it would be.
U is for Uglifruit,sweeter than it's name.
V is for vinegar,pungent not tame.
W is for waffles,a breakfast treat.
X is for xouba sardines found near Crete.
Y is for yogurt, it's all Greek to me.
Z is for zucchini that will make rattatouille.
Versatility and imagination go a long way.
But the right ingredients keep hunger at bay.

for Cyndi's ABC couplet contest

I just happen to love all these ingredients and have at some or other used or eaten almost all of them! I have a talent for fashioning a grand meal out of only a couple of ingredients...I am a good cook...my boyfriend says I am trying to fatten him up!(nobody ever told him to take seconds and thirds!!)