Waking the Dead

Written by: David Wells

I buried my heart in the dark goodnight
All I possessed was colorless
Truth revealed slowly slowing me down
Selling my soul for one last glimpse
Into the wilderness I resist
No civil tongues for seasick rhymes
Burning my bridge at your feet my love
Running from you into Jonah's sea
Swallowed up in misery
I was led from the cliff to the cage for you
Sent to improve and repair my ways
I would fill in the valley when I find the time
Wounds of battle  I  left behind
The hunger that shames my hands to raise
Two empty cups waking the dead
Stillness  stirs the darkness of my day
A cricket whistling on an empty stage
Scarcely reading the begging page
Pencil in the eyes and chin
Someday flesh will wander in
In some rich season to display
Pilgrims guiding dreams my way
Nothing but memory so soft upon my fingers
My mission to breathe
Who has grown  old but the arrow's glance
And in winter you are gone
Hidden in my boldness I remember no more
Hanging on my mind is the only known photograph of you
Within fragrant wisdom warm