Yoda Speaks

Written by: Carrie Richards

Make laughter out of bafflement
And meet the wind as dawn arises
Watch for signs when day declines
It tells a truth that will not lie

The sun will rise, the sun will set
It comes and goes with no regret
Some things will change our restless world
But be assured upon the dawn
Upon the dusk we can depend

Assurance comes with every sun
It comes again, and then is gone
What we have captured in our hand
We must release, and let it go

And when the swallow comes in spring 
Homeward bound, precisely honed
You'll know again all things will come
Some will stay, and some must go

A perfect plan is on the wing
And when the geese appear in fall
To feel how certain is the call
Assurance comes with timeless voice
Southward bound without a doubt

Make laughter out of bafflement
Meet the wind, face the sky
Lift the doubt and lift the eye