Written by: Marites Responte

Against the windshield of a car
Thousands of you drop and flop
Melt, like tears tracing its dusty cheek
In the vast space of the world
You fall after the other, dance with
playful wind, mindless where it
brings you, either to a mountaintop
or to the treetops that await to be 
dressed up, like white robes adorned
in their long time deserted mourn

To my wonder, you look so light
so tender to touch, so frail for my sight
Do you feel the hurt when you drop
to a grass less meadow or spiky rock
Though the answer could be yes or no
I seem not to see and feel, for either 
you will become icy hard and break
or sway for a while then softly dock

When you are there at night
You appear so serene even to
the disturbing storm and awful plight
Someone is out there, looking out
muttering wishes each time you dash
against a window pane and sill
or crying out, muted by a sob.
Like you, a sorrow is not heard 
as you plunge into nothingness
touch not even remembered
cursed bitterly when you feebly 
run into a shoulder or bury a foot 
into discomfort..