Bucket List

Written by: Caleb Smith

What should I do before I die?
Should I make a list ere my time is nigh?

What kind of list would this list be?
about climbing mountains or sailing the sea?

My list is simpler than all of that jazz.
It's about all the things a man already has.

I want to be a better husband and father every day.
I want to show my wife love in every way.

And in giving her love, for which she was born.
She gives me back patience, respect, never scorn.

I want my children to know me and learn from my ways,
to not become distant and forget childhood days.

I want the people around me to know where I stood,
that I wasn't complacent and did what I could.

In the end, I want what most men want ... without ever a plan,
to be remembered ... and as a good man.

Caleb A. Smith
*For the bucket list contest