Written by: Oluwatomisin Oyegoke

Sometimes we wonder how he could have killed himself
Other times we understand and admire his courage
Feelings not worn on our faces, mind and heart a shelf
Listen to the words of unsaid message
To die is gain the dreaded menace, mortality and yet welcomed
The world is in turmoil, humanity is a contradiction
When will the penetration of light help efficient diction
Away! away! come! come! 
Voices echo in our heads

Sleepless nights turning in our beds
We understand today, tomorrow is a mess of rubbish
The application of oxymoron, bitter sweet
Now only this makes sense to me, does it to you?
Let us still carry our light with life on our backs
Both my only reason for living. Let the light shine
I try to read my manual but it's comprehended
 and misunderstood
Where is the light? where is the darkness?

Reward for diligently seeking is it this unknowing 
Filled with spacious confused wisdom
Carry on! end! continue! finish!
I look to you in this Jumble God
Only your light can guide out of it 
I will wait as long as it takes
You will be with me always even till the end of time
You promised.