Bleeding Reflection

Written by: Dylan Irvin

Let the one in the mirror live your life
Disappear to that place you once knew
Cut the glass heart out with your knife
And see the reflection bleed through

Let the sky conduct your brain
Take the moon and throw it away
Forget about the stars and the rain
There are no lights or clouds today

Let the earth be your guest now
Invite him into your home
You arm will grow into a bough
And you won’t feel so alone

Let the dirt bury your hand gun
You don’t need anything lethal anymore
Don’t look for any black, there is none
‘Cause it was washed away on the shore

Let the dark illusion be known and understood
Destroy it’s deception once and for all this time
When the water stays in the ocean like it should
Then and only then, addiction will give back your mind