My Heart

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

My heart is soft and it is touched so 
For friends that are deep in woe
Through pains of death and hurt I feel 
Each one a layer of my heart does peel.

My heart that beats beneath my breast
Is softened and tugged each way at best
For those that sorrow yet not for blame
My friends my heart does bear your name.

Take strength in all my thoughts for you
The troubles you have, you will pull through
Although my heart is soft in there
My shoulders are strong and loads do bear,

So while you are at your lowest ebb
You are not alone, no more need be said
Take comfort if you can right now
And remember though backs bend and bow.

I am here for you whenever you need 
You are not alone so just take heed
My shoulders will bear any load with you
To help you as my love is true.
© 17/03/2013

For my friends that are going through difficult times at the present. I will not name them as they may wish it to be private but they know who they are.