My Non-bucket List

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

I have no terribly strong ambitions and no burning desire to do something totally new. I’ve seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt so many things. As a child I daydreamed. Today such dreams are rare. The wisdom of the “ages” has proved to me the futility of dreams too high, for I have learned by now that if I had truly wanted the fantastic things I’d once desired, surely I’d have fought and gotten them by now. And when I think of it, I did manage to achieve some measure of success with poetry, having wished once upon a time to be able to write as did my beloved mentor - hundreds upon hundreds of poems! I live the fantasy of life vicariously through movies! If I had any kind of bucket list, I suppose it would be to watch every good movie ever made and every one that will be made in the future! However, that cannot be a suitable item for a bucket list when I am always watching movies anyway to achieve that goal! I am satisfied with life. Even on a bad day, I am thankful for small comforts, my home and family, friendships, poetry, the many pets I’ve loved, the joy of simple pleasures such as music, books and food, past experiences, future plans, and the daily routines I enjoy. And so I search my mind to know what would be on my bucket list, but I honestly can’t say. I have only this to say about the “bucket”: I hope I might learn how, in the end, to painlessly *kick it! * For those who don’t know: To kick the bucket means to die. Written by Andrea Dietrich For Frank Herrera's Bucket List Contest