Written by: Mark Daniel Nicasio

In every line of a poem I speak 
Deep and simple words are very meek 
Touched by the radiance of such wishes 
How I long to be with thy princess 
In distant lands there is a gal 
Let me tell this, they are very dull 
Compared to thee they are miles apart 
Perfect wish, and a beat of thine heart 
Such long, shiny hair is a treasure 
Eyes that sparkled, as none can measure 
After thy heart broke my life ended 
Now thee raised me and never wounded 
And then the breeze of wind swallow thee 
There you are shining like the sea 
With nothing to divide, true from not 
Let there me and you in the night 
Smiles that none can merely subdue 
It pierced me deeply to stay with thee 
A girl that once subject of thy dreams 
Gleaming in front of me, and so thou seems 
Just as the plants sprout, flowers bloom 
So will thine love ne'er, ever gloom 
By day by night, I shall think of thee 
Spellbound, thou art true as I see 
As my thought rested upon thy face 
I fell in a quick and sudden daze 
Time stopped, thine heart danced so finely 
If only I can see thee daily 
Oh! Dear I unceasingly implore 
To be with my loved whom I adore 
Eternity with thee, blaze thy love 
As my lips say, be thine beloved!