Welcoming A New Dawn

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Welcoming A New Dawn The sky slowly begins to open wide Setting the space for a coming sunrise I can imagine how beautiful it will be As it rests its warm rays of light so magically The flowers will have a reason to open up to bloom Spreading their elegant scents of nostalgic perfumes The birds will soon be excited to see winter gone As they soar through the skies, welcoming a new dawn The butterflies left in winter’s trance Will waken today to fly through angel wings in a dance The grass that was lifeless is now green on every lawn Mother Nature’s way of welcoming a new dawn The chill in the air is now lifting and going out to sea Inviting the warm splendor of air that comes with spring The trees are budding into leaves a little more each day So they may wave to the coming of spring as it makes its way Mother Nature caresses the sun kisses reaching down To everything that exists in the sky to all the exists on the ground Seeing the coming of changes in seasons come and gone And always welcoming a new dawn