Ye Old Nursery Rhyme and Fable

Written by: Carol Eastman

Listen my love to this Nursery Rhyme…I made it just for you.
It’s about a witch who didn’t like squirrels, in her new garden, true.
Now you can be quick. You can be fast, but never bother a witch.
She’s good at getting even, you know, and it won’t bother her a stitch.

She posted a warning sign, at her fence… “All Trespassers to Beware”.
But do squirrels listen? No siree! And they got what was coming there.
Some grabbed the loot, but, it was soundly shared by all, on this tasty lark.
Now what do You Think happened to them? These minions of the dark!

She turned them into Were Squirrels, that conniving, crazy, bunch of goons.
After that, they weren’t much good for anything except, howling at the moon. 
And she electrified her fence…Making their eyes to glow, iridescently, too.
Luminous, translucent, bright pink fur made them a sight for eyes, to imbue.

Now everyone awaits their visits, and she sells tickets every night.
Yes, people are a lining up at her door… to be greeted, by this sight.
The Were squirrels can’t leave her yard. They’re drawn there, every night.
For her tomatoes ARE the ONLY THINGS, they can eat, to her delight.

Now, People buy her tomatoes to throw at them with all their might. 
For here they’re allowed to get even, for any past troubles, they’ve incurred.
Now, everyone DO listen, signs saying “to beware”, mean, “TO BEWARE”.
And respect others property, or you, like them, may soon, find yourself, there.