The Love of My Life

Written by: Victor Alexander


With me came a philosophy
In my great mind of love, lust and christosophy
Believed everything before now to be a deal
Never for once considered love so real
Then I met you, everything felt so real
Everything before now goes against my will.

When I first gazed into your eyes
I felt a glow that nearly burnt my eyes
With my desires surging so quick
I said, this will never have to end so quick
I started using every special strategy
In order to conquer your willful strategy;

Touching you raises my blood so high
Your touching me turns my mind on the nigh
With a passionate kiss that erases every numb
Want to confess the feelings but I went suddenly dumb
Thus, fate has brought us together
Loving each other forever will keep us together.

Yes! I have said it
Yes! You have heard it
I can’t say it in any other way
Because nobody will take our love away
I swear to respect you with all sincerity
Swear to love you till eternity.

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