Experiencing the Rain

Written by: Elton Camp

Experiencing the Rain

By Elton Camp

Dark clouds approach from the west
To the coming summer storm attest
The grass has become brown and dry
Life-giving moisture rain will supply

When rain is near, I usually can tell it
Partly because I’m able to smell it
“It’s ozone,” weather experts all say
“Lightning is why it smells that way”

For such explanation I don’t care
The storm is saying, “I am there”
Louder is the thunder as it draws near
Vivid streaks of lightning then appear

“Come inside,” my wife calls out
Her advice is wise, I have no doubt
The wind picks up and the leaves shake
A safe refuge I was then forced to take

With sudden fury, the rain does begin
It stops a second, then starts again 
On the roof it commences to drum
Through the downspouts it’ll come

Now it falls in the thickest sheets
Against the window panes it beats
Raindrops hit puddles that are advancing
Old folks may say that fairies are dancing

All outside has become fresh and new
Just as a summer rain will always do 
What, from such a rain, do you get?
Some feel it, but others just get wet