Good Old Smashers

Written by: Jack Ellison

Is there anything finer than mashed potatoes That fluffy white mountain of joy Scrumptious with gobs of bad-for-you butter And sprinkles of parsley, oh boy! Always dream bout this mouth watering delight Sending me to the moon with glee A slice of ham with a carrot and pea medley And a blob of ketchup if you please Don't give me none of that Beef Wellington stuff That fine old English tradition With boiled potatoes oh how uninspiring Gonna pass it with your permission Good old smashers as they're sometimes called Can't think of another dish finer Just a simple old guy with a simple old taste A down to earth kind of a diner So serve me them taters from dawn to sundown Guarantees my friendship for life Scrumptious with gobs of bad-for-you butter Where's my napkin, my fork and my knife! © Jack Ellison 2013