The Light of Lucifer

Written by: Catherine Tunke

Back, back, back away! Dare not call yourself human?
You ought not claim to be a member of that clan.
Wretched murderers, sneak-thieves, brash pirates all!
Yet, I see you do not hesitate when they call.
You appear always ready with a loaded gun!
Able to kill with a smile if called upon! 
Cease, cease, cease now! Harlots who dare to have children!
Casting twisted spawn into Lucifer’s cauldron.
Don’t create a new generation of killers,
Rapists, cold marauders, and cut-throat blood-spillers,
All, “brave” soldiers defending the sacred belief.
Weep now, Mother your time for repentance is brief.
And those that mock the truth without indignation,
Have a laugh that is a hollow celebration,
Love professed to be found in an ape-criminal,
Is but a whimpering psalm from an animal.
So, fly not that blood-stained pennon above your head,
It shames the warriors and the dutiful dead.
Burn all the tattered flags that bind the coterie.
Suffering cannot be ignored so easily.
The pain that ancient brothers felt was real and raw.
Turn the broken lance to the ground and clench the claw.
Come down off that unholy and defiled wall.
Bend your straightened knees, curve your bough-like arms and crawl. 
Deny that you were ever made by God in haste,
You are alone in a cold universe of waste.
Appeal not to a Deity that doesn’t care.
Caste your false sense of joy into the frozen air.
Dig a deep burial pit, deep enough for all,
And rest your weary head where ever you may fall.

The dampened soil is now your loving Mother’s breast,
Fall, Fall, Fall away! Shy from the bright light and rest.