A Tribute

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Oh so many need a mention
Those that are cool those that are not
All worthy names on a tribute list
But I’m not about to take a shot.

There are beardies and blondy’s
Cool ladies and some so sexy
And they all deserve a tribute 
And I hope some also think of me.

There are those that drive us forward
And those that teach them to stop
Those that give encouragement
And even those we'd like to swap.

A tribute I send to all the poets
That have graced my comment box
And a tribute to them all because
There has been none I had to block.

To those that I have nicknamed 
To those that read my work
I send you all a tribute and
On my duty I’ll not shirk.

A tribute to my friends 
To those that help me learn
A tribute to all the poets
Whose respect I’m out to earn.

© 15/03/2013