Feeling Blue, I Come To You

Written by: Linda La Rosa

Got the flu, feeling blue
Feeling down and all alone
Can’t go to church and spread my germs
So what is one to do?

But to tell the Lord and share with you I love Him more
Each and every day 
As I seek His face and come to know
His Glory in a more intimate and tangible way.

It’s in times such as these
His grace and mercy is most evident to see
For though I am weak, He strengthens me.

So one is never alone, as one may think
He is always near, waiting patiently
To hear the voice of the ones he loves
Those with ears to hear
To call to Him for His help for His love

Just as he has done for me
Washed me clean set me free
From the sins of the past and who was
The Lord is waiting patiently
Share your heart release the past
Be washed in His love and grace
And know the comfort of the His embrace.