The Lyric of dumbness

Written by: WORD CRAFT

I will find you one day,
I will meet you someday,
I will want it to stay,
Oh how I will pray,
For what to say,
On that day,
I will want to be shy,
And make it look like a try,
Maybe I'll just smile,
Maybe I'll just cry,
A little,
Like a baby,
I wont look into your eyes,
I wont look into the skies,
I'll hide like a spy,
Behind my feelings,
I'll draw in the dirt,
With my feet,
The love I can't speak,
I'll express in my shyness,
A difference of boldness,
A beautiful form of timidness,
That would leave you speechless,
But if you speak,
If you say something,
If you say anything,
I will run,
As fast as I can,
Out of myself,
The shell of disguise,
I will cut your speech,
With a gentle kiss,
And let you know,
That it was your beauty,
That took me away,
Your warm presence,
That froze me again,
That thing,
That is in your eyes,
That makes men....

Word Craft Writes.