Written by: Victor Alexander

Life seems awkward to begin with certainties and end in doubt
For every girl, every-time is always their first time, nobody doubts
Jesus is a baby every Christmas as every year Mary always remains a virgin
Virginity is her most treasured virtue, first time I checked; her brain is the virgin.

She was the very girl I stopped on a very fast lane
I was the very boy she refused to tell her pretty name
I thought I might come like her but lust was the first intention
How rude and childlike she responded to all my questions I won’t mention.

Narrow-minded I think as she claims to already have enough friends
So far the ten letters of friendship is unlimited, nobody can have enough friends
Many things I wanted to know about this stubborn fellow I met but left it for later
After all tried and done; the only thing I know about her is that she is ESTHER…...

The ugly truth is that I might, but never intended to make Esther my lover
I might have been the best friend she refused to have but right now it’s all over
Her actions betrays her true intentions that I saw, felt, imagined and know for sure
Fact; she will never be as special as my special friends; she proved it to me for sure