His Love Never Leaves

Written by: cortney bartholomew

with innocense love hangs on underneath all of the mess,
and tries to push beyond our means and views love at its best,
sometimes lifes distractions try to pull us away,
for a moment in time, the heart tends to stray,
still in prayer everyday, still struggling to see,
we hold onto his love that made us to be,
who we are in him, we never forget,
we then turn our backs to the things we regret,
we start anew, he sends people to remind us,
to stand strong in our faith and not to let the world blind us,
condemnation and guilt are tricks the enemy uses,
to weaken our hearts to think that God could never use us,
we forget to remember, and remember to regain,
the love in our hearts that still stays the same,
he never left you while your vision was blurred,
he saw the pain upon you with your mistakes and your hurts,
to show you even when distractions try to stand in your way,
his love for you never leaves, it always stays.