Blind Heart

Written by: cortney bartholomew

back in time the musics heard,
the past that speaks as his spirits stirred,
a gentle heart, this broken man,
no trust within to understand,
conquering the world, his inner battles fought,
he questions love as just a thought,
the deeper meaning becomes a blur,
his trust is shattered, his heart unsure,
a world's painted view of what loves meant to be,
is just the opposite of what his spirit sees,
lifes simple comforts puts his heart at rest,
to love means to struggle with its many tests,
his search in vain...he sits back down,
he would rather not fight on this battleground,
within his rest, again love is stirred,
he gets back up again, but his hearts still unsure,
God wants him to see the worth in the fight,
to freely love, to regain his sight,
what is life without love of any kind?
how can our eyes see, but at the same time be blind