Bart's Revenge

Written by: Rick Zablocki

Now Bart was known 
As a mean ol' cuss
He'd sooner strike ya down
No need to talk 

Other than to his gal Sally
A working gal, ya know

Now Matt heard the stories 
About ol' Bart
He didn't care 
He wasn't afraid

So he talked to Sally
She went to work

This got back to Bart
He howled like a coyote
Built like a Brahma
He would get Sally back

One night Bart crept quietly
He opened the barn door
Matt's horses ran off

A dog barked

Matt shot him between the eyes

Matt came out of the house

"Take my gal, would ya?"

And as Bart pulled the trigger
Sally jumped in front

She caught the bullet
She collapsed
Just as Matt fired

And mean ol' Bart went down
For the last time

He smiled as he took his last breath
If he couldn't have Sally, nether could Matt

So did Bart get his Revenge