The man was shot in the head

Written by: todd borstad

The man was shot in the head

The man stood up and talked about ethics and morality
They shot him and ripped him apart
and said it was his fault 
The study said he didn’t fit in
So they had to kill him
And took him down to the river and let him go
Nobody was really happy about it
But nobody cried either

They said he was born this way
Risking death for life 
Knowing many ways to die
And hoping his friend still loved him
Watching the sun go down 
Waiting for the morning to come
Seeing the night as a dream
And knowing when it’s over

Someone told him to dance
And truth ripped through him 
And he couldn’t go back
And he was alone
Like the power they gave him
And the love they didn’t have
He called himself intense
Nobody knew how to help him

The man was shot in the head
On a Friday afternoon at the government center
The air was still and the sun was shining
Someone called out his name
And said safety is his friend
The truth was on his side
He hoped his friend still loved him
He turned around and they shot him in the head