His elapsed Sight

Written by: Lavensin Emmanuel Winaro

Semblative a poet's wooer
A villain's swain
         wot not?
The complex pox,a sickly
Whore,a huligan mazzle
sooner the old blue wanes
What remains?
         Waggish frawn?

Sedative grief.
These trumpery looks of
stones,this vaward sob,
Prattle odds and old
slacks,quaffing soup;
         how whimpish.

Seething lavander:
the vapour shroud song_
Crest twinkle like
fatties and momies_haist
Young poet.
         Irish kinds

My simbling beauty.
The scented feet of
hers;Suwilangi,this line
These glamps inverted words.
humpy dot?
         flamish eyes.

His slow paced emotions;
these_built on tempered motor
varlet swain
         wot not?
The simple wax,no ill bed
My lady,maybe last;run now_
squeeze my breath_from my
hands take your heart.
Wisper slow
fade as smoke;his sight